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1. The drunk driver got only 3 years in jail for killing the ___ in the other car. (Three years for one life?!)
5. A ___ company is advertising its newest spray ___, which ___s on any surface. (The taggers will be so happy.)
6. A ___ shot and killed a grandmother when she complained about him defacing the brick wall.
7. Moles and gophers ___ holes in the ground to live in. (Snakes sometimes make themselves at home there.)
10. The LAPD says ___ rates are going down. If so, then why are there more bars on home windows than ever before?
13. The man had been ___ed 7 times of drunk driving. (Yet he continued to drive drunk.)
15. The man ___ed at the car stopped in front of him, and then he got out of his car and shot the driver.
16. The driver had a loaded .22 caliber pistol in his ___ compartment. He told the officer it was for protection.
18. They say that ___ wins when good men say nothing.
19. The glove ___ of your car should contain your proof of insurance and your registration.
20. If you have a valid ___ excuse from your doctor, you can have tint on the front windows of your California car.


1. California ___s contain two to four times the number of ___ers that they were originally built to contain.
2. Taggers love to put ___ on all available surfaces, costing taxpayers millions of dollars annually in repairs.
3. Charles Manson is one of America's most famous ___s. He has been in a California prison since 1971.
4. ___ paint is a tagger's best friend. (And taggers are among society's worst enemies.)
8. In some neighborhoods, almost every wall, street sign, and billboard on every ___ are covered with graffiti.
9. Yellow tape was placed all around the ___ of the crime--a 75-year-old grandmother had been stabbed to death by her handyman.
11. The robber uttered an ___ when he realized that his face was on-camera.
12. The actor ___ted to do the movie, but then backed out when he heard who the director was going to be.
14. He really liked the chair in Target, but he couldn't find a price ___ on it.
17. Children like to scream and ___ while they play. (And at other times, too.)
19. The pilot ___ly reported to the passengers that both engines were on fire. (The passengers started screaming and yelling.)