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2. At least once a year, ___s toilet-paper a tree or put laundry soap in the public fountain. (They think it's funny.)
4. Birds and rabbits ___ a lot. (Snakes crawl a lot.)
6. A woman's ___ is like a green light to a thief. Just grab it and run.
8. Century City ___ just announced that it is closing. All critical care patients will be transferred to other ___s.
11. Maybe John Edwards's wife will ___ him for cheating on her, but most of his campaign supporters won't.
13. This is a small, quiet town. They roll the ___s up at 9 p.m.
15. Criminals know that ___ is a good material to bury someone in so that the body is never found.
18. A person who can't ___ his own affairs should not become a city council member or a mayor.
19. All of Jamaica loves and ___s runner Usain Bolt for his 3 Olympic gold medals and 3 world records.
20. A ___ thing happened to the Spanair flight. As it left the Madrid airport, it lost power and crashed, killing 153.
21. A person who is ___ed on drugs will do just about anything to get his fix.
22. Reading a self-help book might ___ your feelings if you're down in the dumps.


1. If you give someone enough ___, he will hang himself. --Proverb
3. The man ___ted to his wife that he had kissed his coworker at the Christmas party. (But that was all!)
5. To make driving more comfortable, he usually took his ___ out of his back pocket and put it on the dashboard.
6. The burglar hid under the bed when the family came home. When dad found the burglar, he ___ed dad in the nose and ran out.
7. The British and US governments ___ed biological weapons into the air to test their effectiveness.
9. The driver, ___d from a police shooting years ago, drove at speeds of 100 mph to evade the police again.
10. If you have a good idea, run it up the ___ and see who salutes it.
12. Some people think the ___ of Defense should be called the ___ of Offense.
14. Vincent ___ Gogh's paintings are worth millions now, but he was a poor man when he committed suicide.
15. A long ___ of Russian tanks and other vehicles drove along Georgia's main highways.
16. The two planes ___ed into the Twin Towers, which both collapsed. So why did Building No. 7 collapse?
17. ___ smoke covered much of northern California as more than 1,000 separate fires burned out of control.
18. Lead and mercury are examples of heavy ___s.