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2. They say that the ___ must fit the crime, but this happens only about 50% of the time.
5. The police officer told the reckless driver to save his excuses for the ___.
6. The Olympic gymnast injured his left ___ while doing back flips.
8. The ___d Olympic diver was pulled out of the pool after hitting his head on the platform.
11. ___ produce costs more and tastes better than non___ produce.
13. Because it was his third felony ___, he was sent to prison for life. (Three strikes = you're out!)
14. ___s for the defense and ___s for the prosecution will often testify at court trials.
16. All the ___s in all the bathrooms of the mansion were gold-plated.
17. His knees turned to ___ when he saw the rattlesnake only inches from his bare feet.
19. The police ___ pulled over the driver who was weaving between lanes.
21. Because Bob was such a complete ___, no girl ever dated him more than once.
22. After the taser failed, the cops had to use ___ force to get the suspect under control.
23. She took a ___ to the new student because he offered to carry her books.
24. In 2009, will the ___ of the United States be McCain or Obama?


1. Some ___ rockers wear strange clothes and dye their hair bright colors to show their dislike for society.
2. "___s," by Charles Schulz, is one of the most successful cartoon strips ever written.
3. The mechanic's ___ for repairs was $500.
4. Because of ___ back pain, he was unable to get out of bed.
7. Jonathan ___, a famous Irish writer, is the author of "Gulliver's Travels."
9. A swivel spoon is a ___ for people with tremors; it is designed to remain level.
10. Carrots, celery, and apples are all ___; you can't eat them quietly.
12. The economic crisis caused the federal government to put a ___ on hiring new employees.
13. The mind of a ___ is usually busy trying to figure out how to do something that's illegal.
15. When the woman ___d the hawk, it immediately flew off.
18. The wrestler ___ped the mat to signal that he was beaten.
20. In mid-2007, there were almost 1.6 million ___s in US prisons.