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1. People with no sense of ___ are not good employees or friends.
3. "My ___!" she said, when she saw how big it was.
5. Many years ___, people used to huddle around the radio in their living room to listen to President Roosevelt talk.
7. "I ___ to you that I will always love you!" (She rolled her eyes when she heard this.)
11. Where is Jimmy Hoffa, the missing leader of the Teamsters? People say that he is pushing up ___ after he was quietly murdered.
12. "___ I laugh at all your jokes? Many of them are not the least bit funny," Sara complained to her husband Bob.
13. Someone let the air out of the prinicipal's car tires. "That's not a ___," he said. "It's a crime."
14. The boss had little ___ to the employee's complaint about the filthy rest rooms. "Stop whining," he said.
15. "Father Knows Best" was a popular TV sitcom in the late '50s. Robert Young played ___, and Jane Wyatt played mommy.


2. "You'd better shut up, ___, or I'll punch you in the nose," Bob angrily told the stranger.
4. Whose ___ was it that the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl exploded? (Will we ever know the truth?)
6. An atheist doesn't believe that ___ exists; an agnostic wonders if there is a ___.
8. Good things come to those who ___. --Proverb.
9. When you go to a movie theater, you see a lot of ___ Attractions before the movie starts.
10. ___ is golden. --Proverb.
13. The plant manager overestimated his value--he was just a big fish in a very small ___.