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1. The hungry lions ___ed the zebra they had just killed.
2. The ___s who live in Ozark, Alabama are real nice people.
7. I'm so sorry. I don't ___ your name. Could you tell me again, please?
8. They say that ___ is becoming the biggest health problem in the US. (Start dieting!)
9. ___ is a very common disease that is usually treated with insulin.
13. You cannot vote in an ___ion unless you are a citizen.
14. He was unfriendly and had a bad ___. Nobody liked him.
15. Each morning he could smell the fresh bread being baked at the nearby ___.
19. She ___d a birthday card from her parents with $100 inside.
20. The city ___ of Los Angeles focuses on reducing the number of fast food outlets instead of on reducing crime.
22. "___ for the sweet."
23. The city ___s on-street parking (without a permit) between the hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.
24. The beach city ___ned the use of styrofoam cups.


1. If you ___ blood, make sure the nurse uses a new, disposable needle.
3. It's ___: Osain Bolt of Jamaica set a new world record for the 100 meters.
4. Why do things that are ___den seem to be the most tempting? (Remember Adam and the apple?)
5. Let's open the windows; this apartment needs some ___ air.
6. After arriving in the US with no money, the Cambodian man made millions from his ___ shops. (Coffee, too.)
10. If you make a ___, you must pay if you lose.
11. A "___ moment" is when an elderly person forgets what he was going to say or do.
12. If you ___ twice in an election, you might go to jail.
15. Drivers who run red lights make my ___ boil.
16. The workers ___ed that they were not receiving a living wage.
17. If you aren't a ___, you cannot vote.
18. Good eating habits are important for good ___.
21. The US Constitution is the ___ of the land.