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5. If you like to smoke Marlboro Red filtered ___s, the cheapest price is $19 a carton plus $4 shipping, from Ukraine.
6. She ___d for thinking he was cheating on her. The "girlfriend" turned out to be his sister.
9. She got ___ when she saw lipstick on his collar. (It wasn't hers!)
11. The cheapest prices are at the ___, not the retailer.
12. We used to ___ into the theater for free by distracting the ticket taker.
13. "You're right, that was an unkind ___," he agreed, after telling the lady that she was chubby.
14. A train ___ can be heard from miles away. (Yet people still get run over by trains.)
15. The toy ___s promised to remove all the lead from toys.


1. The Public Utility ___ usually approves rate hikes, ignoring the public's demand for lower rates.
2. The ___ put together a great deal between the clothing manufacturer and the New York designer. (They would all become rich!)
3. If you make a ___, you should keep it.
4. "Please stop talking and start ___ing," said the impatient poker player to the ___er.
7. The ___ paused, and then told the speaker that there were no words in her language for his remark.
8. The backpack got a lot ___ when she removed four bottles of water from it.
10. ___ your head to express No; nod your head to express Yes.