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2. "He's my good ___," Bob said about his friend.
4. "He could ___ the pants off a statue," said Sara about smooth-talking William.
5. If DEA catches you with only a ___ of marijuana, they MIGHT let you go. (But 28 ___s, or one ounce, means prison!)
9. If you want to smoke a ___, go outside.
13. ___ers are assembled in Denver, Colorado to tell the Democratic party what issues are important to them.
14. As the plane ___ed the runway, the pilot realized he was going too fast.
16. Some popular names for marijuana are pot, grass, and ___.
17. The police ___ed the driver after they smelled alcohol on his breath.


1. Presidential candidate John McCain claims he's a ___ talker, but he lies like most politicians.
2. If you don't have a small jar, a ___ is a convenient place to store bolts, nuts, and screws.
3. "What a crummy ___ that was," Sara told Bob about the nightclub. "Let's never go back."
6. The FBI ___d the white powder in the envelopes; it was only baking soda.
7. When the ship started to sink, the captain and his ___ climbed into the lifeboats without alerting the passengers.
8. The female ___ complained that the sheriff was making lewd remarks to her.
10. The basketball coach was given an ___ degree from Yale University.
11. ___ion is nine-tenths of the law, they say.
12. The ___ and his deputies were at a police officers' convention in Las Vegas.
13. A lobster ___ is the most common device for capturing lobsters.
15. "Don't give me any more ___," the manager told the employee, "or you're fired."