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5. A ___ can always bite you, because when their teeth fall out, they grow back! (Stay out of the ocean.)
6. ___s and big planes drop water to help put out fires in California.
7. If you want to get somewhere in a canoe, you have to ___.
9. The ___ Ocean, between Asia and the US, is divided into the North ___ and the South ___.
10. The wife and mother of the three murder ___s in San Francisco is suing the city for wrongful death.
11. The ___ said, "The waves are gnarly, dude. Let's ride them!"
12. She had a ___ look in her eyes as he was talking; she didn't seem to be listening.
13. They ___d up the levee wall with some lumber they found nearby.
14. A ___ is also called a rotary-wing aircraft; planes are fixed-wing aircraft.
15. Emergency medical technicians and ___s do the same thing--save people's lives.


1. Thousands of landing craft ___ed on the shores of France on D-Day, June 6, 1944.
2. The rescuers could hear victims ___ing under the collapsed building.
3. The cheerleaders ___ed throughout the game. (It's a wonder they could talk the next day.)
4. If you're in a sack race, you put both feet into a sack and then ___ to the finish line.
5. The people who ___d the plane crash were taken to the hospital.
8. After the doctor ___d Sara and asked her some questions, he concluded that her stomach problem was due to stress.
11. In baseball, a batter gets three ___s and he's out. (That is, if he misses with each ___.)
13. Rain ___, thunder ___, snow ___, hail ___, sand ___.