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1. She allowed the ___ man into her apartment to fix the window. After he left, she discovered that her jewelry was gone.
6. Catch and ___ is a popular way to fish for fun (not for dinner).
7. He took a big ___ out of the sandwich and then washed it down with a Coke.
8. "John Hancock" is one of the ___s on the Declaration of Independence.
9. The ___ found that only 9% of Americans thought that Congress was doing a good job. (And then Congress took 5 weeks off!)
11. The O.J. Simpson ___ was one of the most famous ___s in American history. (The jury said Not Guilty.)
12. To put an initiative on the state ballot, backers must ___ thousands of valid signatures.
14. After the storm, ___ clogged all the storm drains in the streets.
15. Bugs Bunny is the most famous cartoon ___ in the world.
17. The officials decided that the 9-year-old would lip-synch the song in public, because she was ___r than the 7-year-old actual singer.
18. Cigarette packs should have this ___ing: Enjoy your stinky breath.


1. Researchers want to find a drug or organism that will prevent cancer cells from ___ing.
2. Many of the ___ book stores in America went out of business because of and Borders.
3. Women will buy a dress for $100, and then spend $200 for an ___ (or two) to go with the dress.
4. "Gimme ___" is a popular Rolling Stones song (1969) about war.
5. I was ___ reminding you about the speed limit. I wasn't complaining about your driving.
7. A dust ___ is a little ball of lint, fur, dust, or other debris that exists in homes and buildings.
9. If you start smoking, you will never ___ your need for nicotine. (You'll always want another cigarette.)
10. She made the dinner completely from scratch. (She even killed the chicken.)
13. Some people make ___s that they have no right to make. (They have no shame.)
15. "Cover your ___" has about the same meaning as "watch your back."
16. Some people enjoy listening to a ___ing dog, but only if it's their own.