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2. Some people will constantly attack you if you do not ___ yourself.
5. She ___ed with the doctor, "Please see my son now. He has a high fever."
7. Dick Cheney, the ___ president of the US under G.W. Bush, had heart problems. (But he didn't die while in office.)
8. Some people think that ___ people, including lesbians, choose to be ___. (It's not true.)
11. Try to ___ yourself like a gentleman while you're visiting my parents.
14. I was ___ asking what the temperature was; I wasn't complaining that it was too hot in here.
15. You should do a good background check before you ___ a nanny.
16. When the jury foreman said, "___," the defendant put his head in his hands.
17. The executive said he would ___ only if the company gave him $1 million in severance pay.
19. In Japan, some hotel bathrooms have ___s that play music and have heated seats.
21. Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous ___s in literature.
22. It's ___ to me that you're in love with that man. So why don't you marry him?
24. ___s Obama and Biden are hoping to get elected president and vice president of the US.
27. California law requires you to ___ before you change lanes while driving.
28. If we're going to finish this job by 5 p.m., everyone's got to ___ down for the rest of the day.
29. Why are there so many ___ jokes? And why do most of them make fun of ___s? (Attorneys are smart, caring people.)


1. You can't ___ that you were in that store at that time--you bought a TV with your credit card. (And the camera caught you!)
3. His ___ with languages and people made him a popular and well-paid interpreter.
4. "How can your bedroom be so ___?" his mom asked. "Sometimes I think there's 10 of you!"
6. The ___ in the US and in many parts of the world claim to publicize all the facts.
9. The police ___ed the man for stealing panties from 15 different homes.
10. Many Democrats who wanted Hillary said that they will vote instead for the ___ party's John McCain.
12. Who's in ___ here? I want to make a complaint.
13. Have you ever seen a man driving with his ___ buried in his nose? (Disgusting!)
18. The car kept ___ing--run, stop, run, stop. Maybe it was the fuel pump.
20. The winner of the marathon just barely ___d out the second place runner.
23. The building was fully ___d in flames by the time the fire engine arrived.
25. No smoking is ___ed within 20 feet of school buildings.
26. Firing ___s used to be a common way to kill a condemned man. (But death by hanging saves a bullet.)