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2. He ___d the room with a tape ___; the room was 20' by 15'.
4. I wanted to kill the mouse, but I didn't have the ___ for it. I let the mouse go.
6. Wild animals ___ attack humans, unless they are very hungry, or frightened, or provoked.
7. You have billions of bacteria in your ___s that help you digest food.
11. To help prevent an ___ if you cut your finger, wash it immediately with soap and water.
12. Atlantic and Motown are two of the biggest record ___s in popular music. (They were huge in the '60s.)
13. The doctor asked Bev what her ___s were. She said she had pain in her stomach that went all the way into her back.
15. Human waste matter exits the body in two forms: urine and ___. (Yuck!)
17. In California, drivers can't talk on their ___ phones, but it's okay to text on their ___ phones. (Huh?)
18. The two ___s that you're born with filter wastes out of your blood to create urine. (You can donate one, if you like.)
21. If you subscribe to a magazine, you will be notified ___ that it's time to renew.
22. When some people get sick, their ___ decreases; sometimes a mild sickness can result in death.
23. The Secret Service takes ___ measures to make sure no one kills the president. (Or the vice president.)
24. Broccoli and ___ are two green vegetables that kids hate. (Some adults, too.)
25. The angry dog was ___ing at the leash; it wanted to bite the stranger.


1. The kicker was the ___ of the game because he missed the winning point with only 5 seconds remaining.
3. She ___ed her pride and went back to her boss to ask for her old job back.
5. Sailors say that the North Atlantic has the most ___ winter weather.
8. That's too bad. By hitting his tee ball out of bounds, Tiger's chances for victory just went down the ___.
9. There was an ___ of cholera in the flooded area because of the contaminated water.
10. The ___ cause of lung cancer is smoking.
14. It was a pretty birthday gift, but it was in a plain ___ with no ribbon.
16. A. Why didn't you join me on the dance floor? B. I didn't want to ___ your style.
19. His immune system was too weak to fight the ___ion; he died a week later.
20. My father has a great ___ion system; he eats everything and never gets sick.