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3. Guns at the ready, the SWAT team ___ and loudly entered the home through the front door and rear door.
7. A ___ is a huge epidemic. The flu ___ of 1918 killed millions worldwide.
8. On a hot day, you might see people ___ning themselves with lightweight cloth or paper ___s.
9. When people hear the word decongestant, they usually think of the word ___. (As in nose.)
11. The runner on third base tried to ___ home, but the pitcher knew the runner was ___y and threw him out.
14. The ___ period for chickens is about 21 days. (That's how long mama hen sits on the eggs.)
15. Almost everyone in the theater had a lump in their ___ and a tear in their eye. (It was a sad movie.)
16. The doctor told her to get plenty of rest and drink lots of ___s.
18. I go to the doctor ___ for my physical checkup. (He always says I'm in good health--for my age.)
19. Head___, stomach___, back___, tooth___, ear___.
21. If you ___, people usually say Bless You. Sometimes they say Gesundheit. Occasionally they say Cover Your Mouth!
22. This Is An Example Of ___ Caps (as opposed to all lower case or ALL CAPS.)
23. A ___ infection is caused by a virus. (A bacterial infection is caused by a bacterium.)
24. Hit and run drivers are ___ drunk, and they ___ escape after killing someone.


1. "Take two ___ and go to bed," said the doctor.
2. Some ___s, such as those for depression, take weeks to become effective.
4. Police officers are ___ caught doing bad things. (No occupation is without sinners.)
5. She got ___ when she looked down from atop the high cliff. (One quick look was enough.)
6. In the old days, people who had polio were put into "iron ___s," machines that would help them breathe.
10. Two examples of ___ infections are the common cold and a sore throat.
12. The flu is a kind of ___.
13. Pete has been a ___ smoker for 40 years; he smokes 2-3 packs a day.
17. The ___ often receive terrible care in nursing homes. (And they're too weak mentally and physically to fight back.)
20. Symptoms of scarlet ___ may include a red tongue, a rash, and skin peeling off your palms. (Ugh!)
21. Blisters, cold ___s, and canker ___s are common ___s that almost everyone gets from time to time.