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1. Because the phone ___ failed to relay the 911 call to the police, the kidnapped girl was not rescued.
5. The ___ on her purse broke, so she threw the purse away. (How can you carry it without the ___?)
6. In Iraq many people have been blown up by IEDs, also known as ___s.
9. You can ___ your kids to drink, do drugs, or have sex, but ___ding them doesn't always work.
11. Prisoners are usually ___d back into society without any job training.
13. The screenwriter turned in a ___ to his agent. It was a story about a woman who came to America looking for true love.
18. Children should be on their best ___ when going out to dinner with their parents.
20. The ___ told the lieutenant to tell the sergeant to fix the jeep.
21. The Georgians were ___d that Russia had attacked their country.
22. I'm waiting for my insurance company to process my ___.
23. Benjamin ___ was a physician and political activist. He signed the Declaration of Independence.


2. George W. Bush declared that the war against ___ will never end.
3. They found the ___ a week after he was kidnapped, but it was too late--he was dead.
4. When you go through Customs, you have to ___ what you're bringing into the country.
7. Football positions include quarterback, center, guard, and ___. (There's touch football and ___ football.)
8. She was ___ because her husband never took her out to dinner or a movie.
10. Please don't ___ me while I'm trying to write this letter. (I'm asking Bill Gates for a small loan.)
12. A good leader ___s himself with smart and loyal people.
14. The city ___ got his job because he was the brother of the mayor. (That's called nepotism.)
15. The ___ping of the Lindbergh baby was national news in 1932. (The baby was later murdered.)
16. Would the world's greatest ___ discovery be a cure for cancer, paralysis, or blindness?
17. The ___ is Burger King's most famous and most delicious sandwich. (Yum!)
19. Members of some religious groups make a ___ of lifelong poverty or silence.