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1. Aaron Burr ___d Alexander Hamilton to a duel, and then killed him.
3. GE and VISA were official ___s of the Beijing Olympics.
5. ___ for the gnats and mosquitos, our vacation was enjoyable.
7. Some people wash their infants in the ___. (And then the utensils.)
8. The ___s were explorers and warriors who were originally in Scandinavia.
12. Some crooks sell a ___ and claim that it is an original.
14. Obama ___ed that change was coming to America.
15. Their pleasant ___ across the Pacific Ocean ended in a wreck on a coral reef.
18. ___ Horn and the ___ of Good Hope are at the southern tips of South America and Africa.
19. Because of a ___ error, the radio broadcast ended suddenly.
21. Every human is ___ (except for identical twins, maybe).
22. Almost everyone who sees the redwoods in northern California thinks that they are ___.


1. On modern passenger ships, there is usually one ___ member for every 7 passengers.
2. "I'm going to stick to you like ___," said the detective to the suspect.
3. Deodorant products usually come in a roll-on ___ or in a spray-on can.
4. As a taxpayer, you ___ many government programs that you don't even know about.
6. On the morning of her wedding, she awoke with a huge pimple on the ___ of her nose. (Oh, no!)
9. A car starts in first ___ and gradually changes to fourth or fifth ___ as you drive faster.
10. If at first you don't ___, try and try again; perseverance pays off.
11. The book won several critical writing awards, but it never became a ___ success.
13. When the yacht hit the reef in the middle of the night, it immediately ___d.
16. The wealthy man owned a mansion, a Rolls Royce, a private jet, and a 100-foot ___.
17. The big rig was ___ out of control when it went flying off the cliff.
20. The Panama ___ joins the Pacific to the Atlantic.