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2. The ___ speed limit in residential neighborhoods is usually 35 mph.
4. A city ___ requires cars parked on the street to have valid permits.
10. People who cough or sneeze without covering their mouths are ___ of others.
14. In a ___, the father attacked the criminal who had kidnapped his daughter.
15. The ___ to the police department was about the noisy party late at night.
16. The ___ on a tree is similar to the skin on your body.
17. The cop wrote her a ticket for ___ speed in the snowy conditions.
18. TV news readers like to say "coming up" or "___ ahead."


1. The magician's pretty assistant ___ disappeared after he locked her in the box. (How magical!)
3. The police think that a couple of ___ are responsible for the brutal murders of everyone in that house.
5. A medical school graduate will work as a ___ in a hospital as part of his training.
6. The city ___ ordered residents to leave their cars unlocked at night so the homeless would have a place to sleep. (A blanket and pillow would be nice, too.)
7. The use of ___s and fingerprints increases everyone's security.
8. The ___ for hitting a ball out of bounds in golf is one stroke plus distance.
9. The world famous Sierra Madre Search and ___ Team seeks qualified volunteers.
10. The swimmer ___d the lifeguard's warning and had to be rescued.
11. Many people who die of heart attacks get no ___ beforehand; death is almost instant.
12. On New Year's Eve, you will hear drivers ___ their horns in celebration.
13. It was a ___ day until he got a ___ for not parking his car with its front wheels turned toward the curb.
15. He ___ed to love her, but she didn't believe him.