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1. At the Republican and Democratic national conventions, thousands of ___s dropped from the ceiling.
4. English uses the word 'not' to form ___ sentences. (I'm not joking.)
6. A derringer is a tiny ___ that fires only one or two bullets.
8. A ___ in one is the best score you can get on a par 3 hole in golf.
9. If you go to a double ___, you get to see two movies for the price of one.
10. There isn't much difference between a ___ belly and a beer belly.
11. TV ___s seem to be twice as loud as the TV programs. (But sometimes twice as interesting.)
13. The driver was able to safely ___ the car to the side of the road after the blowout.
14. While on a train or a bus, you should hold onto a ___ if you aren't sitting down.
15. A ___ of seedless grapes costs about $1.99 a pound.


1. You'll never become an alcoholic if you drink only ___. (Don't believe it; it's 3-5% alcohol.)
2. This ___ is my ___, this ___ is your ___. --Song lyrics.
3. Elizabeth Taylor, famous movie actress, was married and ___d seven times.
5. He ___; he scores! --Basketball announcer.
7. Hydrogen and ___ were about 99% of the universe right after the Big Bang.
9. The Rose Bowl parade on New Year's day is famous for all its ___s made completely of fresh flowers.
10. When the ___ light on your gas stove goes out, relight it. (Or you might blow up.)
12. You won't have to mow your ___ if you replace it with rocks and cactus.