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1. The body was found in a ___ grave dug in the back yard.
2. The bank robber escaped in a dark blue Buick 4-door ___.
4. The standard ___ is to deposit the check and then wait a week for it to clear.
8. The driver said that his ___s failed; his big rig crashed into the parking lot at the southernmost end of highway 2.
10. The owner of the restaurant ___ed at everyone to run when he saw the vehicle headed into his restaurant.
11. "Don't ___ me in," said the man. "I like my independence."
12. A grand ___ in baseball is a home run with the bases loaded.
16. The ___ between the US and Mexico is almost 2,000 miles long.
18. "Um, excuse me, but could I interest you in having lunch with me?" the man ___ asked the pretty woman.
19. I mailed the letter today, so you should ___ it by Friday.
20. The ___ was stuck in park; he couldn't move it into reverse.
21. The raccoons had found a hole in the thick green ___, so they entered the yard freely.


1. "Oh, my gosh! You ___d me! I thought you were a mugger!"
3. The doctor said they couldn't give her any more ___; she would have to bear the pain.
5. He checked the ___ mirror before putting the car in reverse.
6. To help detect colon cancer, doctors recommend a ___ every 10 years once people hit 50.
7. Many people feel safer if they drive with a plastic Jesus sitting on their ___.
9. Leon the Motor Man is a world-class mechanic who loves to talk about ___s on his radio show.
13. The woman was thrown into the ___ of her own car, but she managed to use her cell phone to call for help.
14. Printed on the passenger-side ___ is the warning, "Objects are closer than they appear."
15. The ___ of a car usually has an ornament that is the symbol of the make or model of that car.
17. While often necessary, driving your car in ___ is the most dangerous part of driving.