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1. "___ of a Woman" (1992) is a drama starring Al Pacino, who won an Oscar for his role.
4. Some people prefer chicken and turkey ___, while others prefer legs, wings, and feet.
7. I can't find anything on this ___ that I like. Let's go to another restaurant.
8. ___ is a popular soybean food that is added to many dishes. It's usually sold as firm, medium, or soft.
10. A Baby Ruth candy contains milk chocolate plus peanuts; the peanuts make it ___.
11. If you don't ___ your business or product, how will anyone know you exist?
15. President Nixon's long-time ___ "accidentally" erased 18 minutes of audiotape. (She was loyal.)
16. He: What is that ___ in the closet? She: It's just mothballs.
18. Her old cat was suffering so much that she decided it had to die--___, of course.
19. They used to keep many zoo animals in ___s, but now they house them in more natural environments.
21. Why do old ladies wear a ton of ___? Are they trying to attract men, or keep them away?
23. "Oh, my God!" she ___ed when she realized that she had won the lotto.
24. "Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jones are proud to ___ the marriage of their daughter Flo to Mr. Joe Blow." --Wedding invitation.
25. She: Get me something to eat right now or I'll kill you! He: That's not exactly a ___ hint, is it?


2. All laws should apply ___ly to all people. No one should get "special" treatment.
3. Donald Rumsfeld was the first secretary of ___ under G.W. Bush.
4. A vegetarian would never be a ___ in a ___ shop--the job would totally appall him/her.
5. She was ___ed at the smell and rotting condition of the "Cat Lady's" house.
6. It seems that business people and politicians have never heard of ___ or moral ideals.
9. A ___ will eat eggs, dairy products, and fish, but a vegan won't.
12. He has a penthouse with a private ___ that has only 2 buttons: Lobby and Penthouse.
13. The ___ of fried chicken made everyone's mouth water.
14. Breathe Right is a "band-aid" that you apply to your nose at night; it keeps both your ___s wide open while you sleep.
17. A karate expert can kick a board in half with his foot or ___ it in half with his hand.
20. Most people know that ___ fried food isn't good for them, but they eat it anyway.
22. The weather was ___ and so was the fishing boat captain's language.