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2. A: You're in a good mood--what's the ___? B: It's my birthday!
5. He ___ed her badly, but she refused to leave him.
6. If it's too much ___ to buy a ticket, how do you expect to win the contest?
7. Discovering what the drunk had done in the back seat, the taxi driver was so ___ed that he quit his job.
10. When anyone walks by, the lights turn on automatically because they are connected to a ___ detector.
11. Astronomers often discover things that are absolutely ___ing.
15. Young girls from wealthy families go to finishing schools to learn good manners and proper ___.
17. Budweiser advertises itself as the "King of ___s."
18. ___ warfare is a type of biological (not chemical) warfare. (Watch out for those nasty critters!)
19. She couldn't find a ___ bag near her airplane seat, so she threw up in the toilet.


1. Kids start out in kindergarten, and then move on to ___, middle, and high school. (And then college!)
3. The only difference between a hamburger and a ___burger is a slice of cheese.
4. The man's ___ repelled most women; he acted like he was God's gift to women.
8. The construction ___ was going to result in too much traffic in the neighborhood.
9. When the ___ are down, Arnold is the man to have on your side.
12. He: What took you so long? She: I was using the ___. He: Did you fall in?
13. She was so proud that she ___d the ‌kind offers of help from strangers.
14. Don't point your ___ at me! I might break it off.
16. Because he'd been drinking, he was all ___s; he couldn't even tie his shoelaces.