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2. He never won an Oscar, but he did ___ a Lifetime Achievement Award.
5. The ___ of cigarettes was only $1. (Of course, there were only four cigarettes in the ___.)
6. Army and Marine ___s often have offices near college campuses. (They promise new recruits everything!)
8. Microsoft sells___; Hewlett Packard sells hardware.
9. On 9/11 a hijacked plane flew into the ___ in Washington, DC in an attempt to damage US military capability.
10. Most high achievers will tell you that they succeeded because of their ___ to success. (They would not quit!)
11. The editor gave the reporter his first ___: write an article about the new price increase at the 99 Cents store.
14. Well, I ___! I've never seen anything like this in my whole life!
15. NASA's ___ to Mars was a success--the robot found water on Mars.
17. I started losing my vision when I was five. I became totally ___ when I was ten.
19. Golfers are constantly ___d at how Tiger always makes the crucial shot to win a tournament.
21. Although ___ books have been written on that topic, none are very interesting.
22. ___ from the improvised explosive device (IED) struck his face, blinding him in his left eye.


1. This year's Christmas ___ is going to be a frozen turkey. (Time to find a new job?)
3. They say that a powerful bomb could destroy the effectiveness of ___ all over the world.
4. Both the Senate and the House have a ___ at Arms to maintain order in Congress.
5. The events of 9/11 have ___ changed lives and attitudes in America and the rest of the world.
7. While trying to ___ up all the balloons, the old man had a heart attack.
12. She was trying to learn English; ___, her son was playing video games on his computer.
13. She: I can't get the car into third ___. He: Did you put the clutch in?
16. ___s Obama and Biden are hoping to become president and vice president in January 2009.
18. If you ___ a section of drywall with a blade, the drywall will break cleanly and easily.
20. After the pit bull stopped ___ing, the 5-year-old boy tried to pet it. It bit one of his fingers off.