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1. Many people refuse to read the ___s that come with a new product or service. (It's too much trouble!)
5. People are ___ed to the Internet via phone, cable, or DSL. (Or wireless!)
8. The police were looking for a ___ that had a smashed hood, but they didn't know if it was a car or pickup.
9. Edgar J. Hoover was the head of the ___ for many years. (Another government agency should have investigated Edgar!)
10. There were so many ___s lying under her computer desk that she was afraid to unplug any of them.
11. A drummer in a rock band cannot perform without his drum___.
14. The audience ___ed when the magician turned the woman into an elephant. (How did he do that?)
15. After the cliff jumper leaped off the cliff, his ___ caught on a tree halfway down.


1. If you cannot ___ the letters on the eye chart, DMV will require you to wear glasses while driving.
2. ___es do not want Internet access on airplanes because some passengers will watch porn.
3. Before you buy a book, you should look at the table of ___s to see what's inside.
4. When people think of nitroglycerin, they think of heart attacks or ___.
6. Before 9/11, passengers were occasionally allowed to visit the pilot in the ___.
7. When your tank is a quarter full, it's time to ___. (Don't wait until it's empty.)
12. Alice ___ is a rock musician famous for his snakes and the hit song "School's Out" (1972).
13. Even if the ___ has a heart attack, the copilot will get you there safely. (Unless he has one, too!)