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1. He had worn the pants for so long that there was no longer a ___ in them.
3. He had time to look only ___ before his view was blocked by a truck.
7. He handed her a ___ to wipe her tears with.
9. She cleaned up the spill on the floor with a couple of paper ___s.
11. If you've got a good ___ that might make millions, maybe you should contact
12. She went into the bathroom to ___ up after running her errands.
14. My oldest sister was really ___ when we were young; she always ordered me around.
15. Santa ___'s horse racing track in Arcadia, CA has a beautiful view of the mountains.


1. Don't ___ at cards and don't ___ on your spouse.
2. The boss spoke ___ to the employee who was late for work again.
4. Good quality ___ helps to make a nice saddle for horse-riding.
5. OK, I'll fix the problem--don't get your ___ bent out of shape.
6. You'd better ___ up and fly right, or you'll end up in prison.
8. About 130 people were ___d in the train wreck; 25 people died. The train engineer was texting while driving.
10. A ___ day is great for flying kites. It's often ___ at the beach.
13. The horse ___ed loudly when the trainer tried to put a saddle on it.