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2. The ___ replaced the minivan, which replaced the van, which replaced the station wagon. (But now the hybrid might replace the gas-guzzling ___.)
3. Gangsters like to wear a ___ so that victims and cameras can't see their faces.
4. The hippies of the '60s had a problem with the ___--that is, the people ran corporations and government.
6. ___ is a daily crime in almost every city in the US. Thieves will steal anything they think has value.
9. When people see a man with a lot of tattoos, they think he is a ___ or a rock musician.
10. If you don't ___ during registration period, you probably won't get the classes you want.
13. ___ divers are people who dig through ___s looking for food, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles. (Occasionally they find dead bodies.)
14. They took a leisurely ___ home after a nice dinner at the nearby restaurant.
15. Police keep reporting that the ___ rate is going down, but ordinary citizens worry about ___ every day.


1. The police started to ___ the vehicle, but it crashed into another vehicle and then struck a woman in the crosswalk.
2. At first, ___ was all about fresh, delicious coffee. Now its 15,000 stores also sell CDs, books, pastries, and of course, coffee beans.
5. By putting a spike strip on the street, the police ___ed the suspect's attempt to drive away. (It's hard to escape with flat tires.)
7. Be careful when you drive under an ___; sometimes rocks or bodies come flying down.
8. He took a few dollar bills out of his ___ and gave them to the valet.
11. In astrology, a ___ is a person born March 21 to April 19. (A ___ is also an adult male sheep.)
12. Women carry beautiful and expensive ___s, but they are an easy target for thieves.