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4. He invested a small fortune in ___, because land and buildings always increase in value.
5. "I ___ you loved me," she said, "but I was wrong. You were just using me."
6. "Little ___" was the name of a daily comic strip in the '50s and '60s. ___ is the little girl.
7. Musicians always ___ their instruments before playing them. (And then they play a nice ___ or two.)
10. ___ ___ is a famous maximum security prison just north of New York City. (You won't be ___ing if they send you there.)
12. "Oklahoma" and "My Fair Lady" are two popular ___s that were made into films.
13. The lawyer's ___ was very unhappy about his rates--$400 an hour!
14. If you must ___ with someone, be polite and don't get personal. (Don't say, "You're an idiot!")
15. Even family members and best friends can have ___s about money and politics. (And the opposite sex.)


1. Before you buy a can of food, read the list of ingredients to see what the can ___s.
2. George W. Bush is ___ for his inability to use the English language properly.
3. Even if the sun is not very ___ or if it's completely covered by clouds, you can get a sunburn.
6. ___ and Clark completed a famous expedition to the Pacific Ocean, returning home in 1806.
8. Sometimes the doctor will ask you for a urine ___ or a stool ___. (Yuck!)
9. The "Chronicles of ___," written by C.S. Lewis for children, has sold more than 100 million copies.
11. If you want to find something fast on the Internet, just type it into your ___ search bar. (___ it!)