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5. The river ___ed its banks because Hurricane Ike brought so much rain to the area.
6. In an emergency involving your gas stove or toilet, you might need to find the ___ valve.
8. Paper ___s are a lot more sanitary than cloth ___s, but it's hard to dry yourself after a shower with paper ___s.
9. Congress is famous for its ear___s--tax money that goes to pet projects, like Alaska's "bridge to nowhere."
13. Dogs love to drink out of bathroom ___ ___s. (Yuck!)
14. The cops ___ed the drug dealer after he sold them half a pound of cocaine.
15. The web site reviews and ___s restaurants, hotels, nightlife, and attractions nationwide.


1. Many people eat "___" food when they feel depressed or lonely (or just when they feel like it).
2. Let's ___ a beer and a hamburger before we go to the movie.
3. A red ___ appeared on his face as everyone looked at him angrily.
4. Her ___ bedtime on school nights is 10 p.m.
7. A ___'s helper is that wooden stick with the suction cup that you use in your toilet bowl when it doesn't flush.
9. The bathroom floor was a smelly ___ after the toilet overflowed.
10. You have four ___s in your heart which control the direction of blood flow.
11. I can't give you a ___ to work because my car is in the shop. I'm taking the bus to work.
12. His confidence was ___ing away, as one employer after another refused to hire him.