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1. She was a victim of ___ and battery; the cops wrote a report.
3. The eye___ said that the suspect was wearing a white T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops.
9. The security ___ chased the thief outside and caught him in the parking lot.
11. I'm going to go outside for a ___ of fresh air.
12. It was a romantic tune; they were dancing ___ to ___.
15. The police were able to ___ her stolen jewelry and laptop, but they never found the cash.
16. Maidenform makes underwire ___s, strapless ___s, soft cup ___s, sports ___s, and maternity ___s.
17. If you continue to have random sex without using condoms, ___ you will get pregnant or get a disease.


2. Please don't leave; ___ around until my daughter gets home.
4. A ___ of soldiers crossed the Pakistan border and killed 8 people in the village.
5. The officer put ___s on the suspect and then put him into the back seat of the squad car.
6. Don't ___ the moles on your body; pay attention, especially if their appearance changes.
7. The pervert wanted to ___ the little girl, but she kicked him and ran away.
8. Tired after the long drive, he ___d his seat belt and got out of the car.
10. It was a ___ of luck--he won the lotto because he picked the "wrong" birthday numbers. (His reading glasses were at home.)
11. When you buy a new computer or phone, you might have to charge the ___ for several hours.
13. He ___d for the right words to try to explain to her how much he loved her.
14. Every weekend, bars fill up with ___ men and women looking for love.