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4. Georgia residents finally got some ___ from the drought when the hurricane arrived.
5. Chess can be a physical as well as a ___ challenge.
6. The woman dug through hundreds of ___ bags at the dump and finally found her wedding ring!
7. A Las Vegas ___ will determine if O.J. Simpson is guilty of kidnapping and armed robbery.
8. Carrying a ___ed weapon is against the law in most states.
12. LA County's ___ system for inmates includes Twin Towers and six other security facilities.
13. The ___or asked the students to open their books to page 24.
15. The pre___ fee for the seminar costs $40; after Oct. 3, the ___ fee is $50.


1. Chapter One ___ Chapter Two; Chapter Two follows Chapter One.
2. In Mexico some people are paying thousands of dollars to have a ___ implanted in their bodies in case of kidnapping.
3. The cost of living in the US increases about 2-4% ___ly.
9. Is it possible to have ___ freedom--that is, 100% physical freedom and mental freedom?
10. The newly hired clerk ___ performed all the procedures required by his supervisor.
11. The most common type of ___ that people receive is a traffic citation, which ___ you to court if you don't pay the fine.
14. She ___ed as she thought about John--she should have married him instead of Bob.
16. He felt a ___ on his shoulder; turning around, he saw his friend.