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1. Most ___s contain the days of the present month, the preceding month, and the next month.
5. ___ is a popular drink on New Year's Eve, at weddings, and on other special occasions.
6. Seal the ___, put a stamp on it, and take it to the post office.
8. Europeans use ___ to treat ailments, including cancer; in the US, people hang ___ at Christmas time for couples to kiss under.
9. Green ___, field ___, chick___, split ___ soup, black-eyed ___s, sugar snap ___, ___ pod.
11. I can't make it to the conference because I have a ___ commitment.
13. People often make ___s for the new year, such as quitting smoking.
15. In the ___ days, all phones had rotary dials and all TV programs were black and white. (How did people survive?!)
17. Many people call the Los Angeles Times a liberal ___. (They don't like it.)
18. Her parents bring back lots of ___ from their travels. (Most of it's just tourist junk.)


1. The church bells ___ at noon and 6 p.m. on Sunday.
2. Occasionally we get to see ___ eclipses and solar eclipses.
3. People ___ birthdays, holidays, promotions, weddings, and births.
4. One of the most well-known ___ names in the world is Google.
5. Private birthday ___s in Los Angeles sometimes end up badly when gangs crash the party.
7. ___ will always win if good people are silent.
10. The back ___, side ___, and breast ___ are common swimming ___s.
12. ___ is the home of actor Sean Connery, the original 007 ("Bond--James Bond").
14. In 1927 Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic Ocean in a little plane called the ___ of St. Louis.
16. Kids like to play with paper ___s, which are easy to make, to color, and to make paper clothes for.