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1. The president ___s the secretaries of his Cabinet; Bush first ___ed Powell as his Secretary of State, and then Ms. Rice.
3. I'm going to make you an ___ you can't refuse: I'll give you $1,000 for that old blanket. (Watch the PBS commercial.)
7. The cut to his head required 30 ___es in the emergency room.
8. The $700 billion bailout will ___ the executives and the banking industry, but it won't ___ the ordinary taxpayer.
9. People should always keep alcohol wipes and ___-___ in their medicine cabinets.
13. The ___ to the financial crisis is not a bailout; the ___ is tight regulation of loans to homebuyers.
17. Obama is a ___ of Harvard Law School, and McCain is a ___ of the Naval Academy.
19. Go inside the market; ___, I'll try to find a parking space, and then I'll join you.
21. The professor ___d the student's topic for a master's thesis. "This should be very interesting," the professor said.
22. If you add up the total American debt, you would think that America's future is ___. (The debt is too big to ever pay off.)
23. The weather report is easily the most ___ part of TV news in southern California. (Hot and sunny, hot and sunny, ....)
24. ___ Arnold Schwarzenegger approved the new state budget and signed the $145 billion bill.


2. The instrument ___ of his new car was very easy to understand and read.
4. You must ___ on a specific goal; don't say "I want to learn English." Say: "I want to speak fluent English exactly 3 years from today."
5. Chiropractors don't have a ___ degree, but they call themselves doctors.
6. If you didn't get your high school ___, you can still go back to school to get a GED (General Equivalency ___).
10. While some high school ___s have become millionaires, most find lousy jobs and wish they had stayed in school.
11. Many preachers believe that ___sday is just around the corner. (Repent, sinners--the end is near!)
12. If a bandage doesn't work, use a ___ to prevent massive bleeding of an arm or leg.
14. The ___ of banks to follow sensible lending practices (Don't lend money to someone who doesn't have a job!) led to the financial disaster.
15. They ___ed out the small fire with their hiking boots.
16. The two children formed a strong ___ of friendship as they attended school together.
18. Jobless and homeless, the man was eligible for ___ but too proud to accept it.
20. The men ___ on the sidewalk every day, but the cops do not enforce the law against ___ing.