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2. The ___ Martin Luther King, Jr., a preacher and activist, received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964.
4. There are ___ of people, agencies, and institutions to blame for the financial crisis of 2008.
6. A ___ smoker doesn't smoke ___s, but he does put one cigarette into his mouth after another, as if they were connected on a chain.
7. The ___ told everyone that after the sermon there would be a picnic behind the church.
10. After his divorce became final, his friends invited him out to ___. But he turned them down--he wasn't in a party mood.
12. I ___ your kind offer, but I must take a rain check.
14. Some young people have a selfish ___; they care only about themselves.
15. The pervert tried to ___ the little girl into his van with a candy bar.
17. The fans went into a ___ when the forward scored the winning goal with only 2 seconds left in the game.
18. ___ is a holiday for family, friends, cranberry sauce, turkey, and pumpkin pie. (Burp!)


1. People try to ___ weight by buying low-fat frozen dinners--and then they eat TWO of them at one meal.
3. Both political parties depend greatly on the efforts of unpaid ___s.
5. The ___ of a company is measured by sales versus expenses.
8. ___ of your age and experience, criminals know how to separate you from your valuables.
9. The dog waited ___ outside Starbucks for its owner to reappear.
10. The soup kitchen is a downtown ___ that provides a free hot lunch for about 300 homeless people daily.
11. The Internal ___ Service is part of the Department of the Treasury. (Remember April 15!)
13. ___ Day is celebrated on four different days, depending on the country and the religion; in the US, it's celebrated on Dec. 25.
16. The bathroom toilet is also known as the commode, the can, and the ___per.