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4. All four ___s on my gas stove are the same size.
7. Don't put aluminum or metal into your ___; it'll short out. (It might even start a fire.)
8. Chocolate ___, rice ___, vanilla ___, and butterscotch ___ are popular desserts.
10. Some people ___ routinely (every other word) ; ___ words offend people and show that you are inconsiderate and vulgar.
14. People dug into the ___s of chips and dip while they watched the Super ___ on TV. (Then at halftime they used the toilet ___.)
15. The angry worker ___ed something under his breath as he gave his boss a dirty look.
16. He ___ed his way into the crowded elevator. (Everyone was angry that he didn't wait for the next elevator.)


1. For the life of me, I couldn't tell you the most ___ meal I ever ate. (ALL my meals are tasty.)
2. Cook your vegetables quickly in a ___ with a little water in the bottom of the pot. (Then add lots of butter.)
3. Ice cream, ice cubes, TV dinners, and most candy bars should be stored in the ___.
5. ___worms find their way into the intestines of pets and humans. (Yuck!)
6. The microwave and the toaster usually sit on the kitchen ___. (Unless you have a built-in microwave.)
9. If you buy a new car that turns out to be a worthless "___," there are federal and state ___ laws to help you get your money back.
11. Let me have two scoops of vanilla ice cream with that ___ of chocolate cake, please.
12. He didn't ___ the glass after washing it; the next time he drank water out of it, it tasted like soap.
13. America is not a ___ing pot; it's more like an untossed salad.