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1. They heard a ___ing sound in the cave; looking up, they saw hundreds of bats flying out of the cave.
6. People who create graffiti call it art; people who have to remove the graffiti call it ___. (Created by vandals.)
8. The player got a ___ing bonus of $1 million when he agreed to join the team.
10. A dog or gopher will ___ up your back yard if you give it enough time.
11. When little kids go to the beach, some take a plastic bucket and a ___, which they use for digging holes in the sand.
12. There was a dark ___ on her upper arm where the baseball had hit her.
14. She broke her fall with her hands, but sprained both ___s.
15. She asked the vet to put her sick old dog to sleep so that it wouldn't ___ any longer.
18. Police arrested the ___ after he scratched his initials into the library's bathroom mirror.
19. Murderes sometimes return to the ___ of the crime so they remove some evidence.
21. By wearing a big black T-shirt, he was able to partly ___ his growing weight problem.
24. The soldier was on ___ duty when he heard the explosion.
26. A recumbent bicycle is faster and more ___ than an upright bicycle. (It takes less work to move forward.)
27. Mike has a bad ___ from a motocycle accident he suffered in 1974.
28. "Eight" is the WORD that represents a number; "8" is the ___ that represents the same number.
29. She went on a ___ diet; she needed to lose 10 pounds in 10 days.


2. A road ___ is a rude driver who drifts over the center lane and prevents you from passing him.
3. ___s make webs out of silk. (And scare many women to death.)
4. Digital ___s enable you to upload your pictures directly to your computer and to the Internet.
5. Most competitive skateboarders wear elbow and knee ___s for protection.
7. She feels you owe her an apology--you ___ed her by making her sit in the back seat.
9. "We're not out of the ___ yet," said the platoon leader, who knew that safety was still a few hours away.
11. To improve your computer ___, you should use a password that is not in the dictionary and that also contains random numbers.
13. California ___er games advertise that your "overall odds are 1 in 3.59," but your odds of winning the BIG prize are 1 in 600,000. (___ your itch for bad odds.)
16. A ___ (such as murder) is more serious than a misdemeanor (such as littering). (Don't do either one!)
17. The ___ance of the bronze bust of a California surfer was big news. Authorities figure they'll never see it again.
20. Mother ___ works in strange and mysterious ways--lightning sets the woods on fire, and then floods wash the soil away.
21. A sexy woman has all the right ___s in all the right places.
22. Troy University ___ed Florida State by 6 points as the fourth quarter started. Could they regain the lead?
23. She ___ed her useless boyfriend several times, but he always returned, promising to change.
25. He wanted to ___ the painting on the wall, but first he had to find a stud for the nail.