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1. Hoodlums ___ the streets at night looking for helpless victims.
3. A moderate earthquake will ___ everything and everyone. (And maybe destroy and kill.)
6. The ___s that the most jokes are about are mothers-in-law and wives.
9. The father lined up his kids to find out which one was the ___ who had dinged his new car.
10. ___ is a major part of Egypt's economy, so the government tries to keep tourists safe from terrorists.
11. The doctor told the paramedics to make the dog throw up the boy's finger, so she could wash it and sew it back on the young ___.
14. Alka-Seltzer commercials promise you ___ relief from acid indigestion. (Relief in seconds!)
16. The bright ___ lights of Las Vegas do not reveal the poverty and crime that also exist in that city.
17. The Indian ___ is south of India, west of Australia, and east of Africa. (And it's wet and salty.)
18. She opened her ___ so she could get some money out of her wallet.
19. He picked up his sobbing young daughter and held her ___ in his arms.
20. The favorite ___ of cats is mice and birds.
21. Local TV news anchors often say that a news item is "___ ahead," meaning that it will appear before the news finishes. (It's not "next.")


2. "That's a ___ idea," he said to his wife. "I'm just giving my coworker a ride home. I'm not having an affair with her."
3. ___ before the train crash, the engineer was texting messages to his friends.
4. ___ fin soup is popular in China.
5. The teacher ___ed the students that the following Wednesday there would be no class because of the teachers' meeting. (The students cheered.)
7. More and more, ___-___ citizens are wondering why they bother to obey the law while everyone else seems to be breaking it.
8. The ___ walked up to the old lady and ordered her to give him her purse.
12. Her sixth sense told her that there was an ___ in her house; she walked outside and called the police.
13. His grades ___ed when he fell in love and spent all his free time with his new girlfriend.
15. The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) motto is "___ing America's Consumers." (Like the police: "To Serve and ___.")