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2. She got a ticket because her car was parked too far from the ___.
4. Her car's ___ window was so small that she didn't see the tricycle behind her when she backed up.
6. People were ___ed when they heard that New York City had been attacked.
8. You can ___ your profits if you invest twice as much money.
10. The world's largest super___r in Switzerland went down for repairs after its first attempt to simulate the Big Bang. (Two speeding protons will ___ from opposite directions.)
12. If you want to park overnight in many cities, you must get an overnight parking ___.
15. After even a light rain, you will probably find many small ___s on your car.
17. "I need to take a ___," the exhausted athlete said 10 minutes before halftime.
18. A ___snake, also known as a ___r, has a ___ on its tail that it ___s when it's upset.
19. According to driving laws, you must signal before changing ___s.
20. ___ and northbound traffic on the 5 slowed to a crawl as drivers in the southbound lanes avoided two bathtubs. (And northbound drivers gawked.)


1. The mechanic took a short break before he started bleeding the car's ___s.
2. The students were ___d about when to use "because" and when to use "so that."
3. This ___ is one of the most dangerous in LA, so they are installing flashing crosswalk lights to protect pedestrians.
4. The human ___ will disappear if we don't stop killing all the animals and plants.
5. "___, help us," said the preacher as the tornado siren blasted throughout town.
7. She was half ___ and half deaf, but nothing was going to stop her from moving to Manhattan.
9. The suspect slowed down as if he was going to stop his car, but then he suddenly ___d and got away from the cops.
11. At the bloody crime scene, the ___ scratched his head--he thought he'd seen it all.
13. If you're going to succeed, you must have a daily schedule so you can ___ your time.
14. As the thugs ___ed him that night, he looked around for something he could use as a weapon. (He used his feet to run away.)
15. None of the ___s were working at city intersections because of the power failure.
16. He accidentally locked his keys inside his car; ___, he always carried a spare car key in his wallet.