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2. She goes ___ shopping every Saturday; she usually goes to Costco or Sam's Club because their produce is fresh.
5. Would you like your groceries placed in a plastic or a paper ___?
9. The ___d driver fell asleep while driving home and ran into a telephone pole. (Because the passengers were all drunk, no one was injured.)
11. ___ Lincoln was President Kennedy's personal secretary until the day of his assassination.
15. If you lack ___ skills, people won't visit your home more than once. (People must feel welcome, or they won't return.)
16. The TV ad about the increase in the price of stamps ___ed him to check his mailbox.


1. The ___ did not last long enough to create any mudslides.
3. A: If tomorrow is ___ for you, I will bring the photos by your place at noon. B: Sounds good.
4. My car is running ___; I don't know if it's an electrical or a fuel problem.
6. The ___ Eldorado is a luxury American car famous at one time for its tailfins.
7. In the old days, people took their film to the camera shop. The camera shop would give them prints and ___s of the prints.
8. The ___ Education Center (CEC) is in Pasadena; it is part of world-famous Pasadena City College (PCC).
10. If you don't ___ my help, I'll just stop helping you. If you do ___ my help, just say thank you.
12. He had to ___ the dresser up two flights of stairs. (What a drag.)
13. At the bottom of the waterfall was a deep ___ of cold, clear water.
14. There was a ___ of blood on the collar of his white shirt. "Whose blood is that?" his suspicious wife asked when she ___ted it.