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1. Please don't ___ in like that; next time, knock before entering!
3. Since the ___ of the income tax in 1913, taxpayers have been paying more and more.
5. A cork ___s in water.
6. He put on his swim fins, and then his mask and ___. He swam to the sunken barge.
9. She ___ burnt the roof of her mouth when she took her first bite of the steaming hot pizza.
10. After saying their wedding ___s, the couple smiled and kissed each other.
11. The Detroit mayor was ___d from his position while awaiting trial for perjury.
14. Please don't send flowers for the funeral; instead, please ___ a small amount to the American Heart Association.
16. Retired, she is a ___ at the thrift shop; she also ___s once a week at the hospital.
18. The ___ that he got from using the dirty hypodermic needle almost killed him.
19. Many people try not to get ___d in others' problems.
20. The ball game was __d, 3 to 3, until Manny Ramirez hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth.


2. The mechanic's ___ for repairing the Cadillac's air conditioner was about $150. (But the bill was $201.40.)
4. Mom to 18-year-old daughter: I won't ___ you to sleep in the same room with your boyfriend--not in my house. Wait until you're married.
7. Drug users often share their drugs and equipment, including ___ syringes and needles. (Such sharing spreads diseases.)
8. ___s contribute millions to politicians at all levels of government, so the politicians favor the ___s instead of the people.
12. Paul Newman, a famous actor who donated millions to charity, died at the age of 83. His family held a private ___.
13. The Space ___ in Seattle is a popular tourist attraction.
15. Many people use or rent a small ___ to go fishing--two paddles, no motor.
17. If you have a cold and lose your sense of ___, food has little or no taste.