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2. There is no law restricting an ___ in your rent in this city; your landlord can double it every year if he desires.
5. "___," she continued, "if you think I'm joking about this, just try me."
8. The X-ray clearly showed the ___ in his head from the ___ gun.
10. The boat traveling to Catalina Island that night ___ly disappeared; the next day there was no sign of it in nearby ports or at sea. (And no messages asking for help.)
13. He is not a ___ man, even though he was a Catholic altar boy in his youth. (He says he outgrew his religion.)
15. They say that if you ___ upside down for 20 minutes a day, you won't have back problems. (Or bags under your eyes.)
16. A bag of money fell off the armored truck. The man turned the money over to the bank, expecting a big ___. The bank gave him a $100 ___.


1. It's difficult to find apples selling for only $1 a ___ unless they're on sale.
3. It was a ___ request--the man wanted only empty produce boxes that were stained or soiled.
4. The constant ___s from the neighbors prompted the manager to evict the noisy tenant.
6. Who makes the best ___ in the world? Some people would pick McDonald's, some Burger King, some Wendy's, and some the Original Tommy's.
7. Use the base form of a verb to give directions or a ___: Come here. Go there. Wait a minute. Give me a kiss.
9. The state of ___ is known for Disney World, hurricanes, and the Everglades.
11. A fly ___, usually made of plastic, is a favorite device for killing flies. (So is a rolled-up newspaper.)
12. A carrot is ___; a cracker is crispy.
14. It doesn't matter if you eat ___ or cooked vegetables--just eat them!