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1. A ___ and a jail are similar. Both have cells with bars. Both contain criminals.
6. If you deliberately kill someone, you ___ him/her. You are a ___er.
7. The ___ for murder in some states is death. In most states, the ___ is life imprisonment.
8. At a trial, the ___ is the boss. The lawyers and jury obey him/her.
9. The man received a life ___ for murdering the store owner.
13. A ___ person kicks cats and dogs. He is a mean person. He likes to hurt people and animals.
14. The U.S. ___ is the supreme law of the land.
16. There are 27 ___s to the U.S. Constitution. The first 10 are called the Bill of Rights.
17. A prison ___ is a little room with steel bars and a locked door.
20. I have a problem. I hope I can ___ out a solution to it.
21. Cruel and unusual punishment ___s the 8th Amendment to the Constitution. If you ___ the law, the police will arrest you.
22. A person who dies in his sleep dies ___. He doesn't feel any pain.
23. It isn't right. It isn't just. It isn't ___.
24. A ___ pays income tax every year. Most workers in the U.S. are ___s.


1. The ___ should fit the crime. A serious crime, like murder, deserves severe ___, like life imprisonment.
2. The U.S. ___ Court is the highest court in the land.
3. A lawyer ___s for his client in court. Sometimes the jury believes the lawyer's argument.
4. Prison officials usually inject three different ___s into a prisoner to kill him.
5. An ___ or angry person is not a happy person.
10. If you deliberately hurt someone, that person will ___, and so should you.
11. A kitten is a young cat. A ___ is a young dog.
12. Death by ___ means that prison officials will inject drugs into a prisoner's IV tube.
14. A trial in a ___ of law has lawyers, a jury, and a judge. There are civil ___s and criminal ___s.
15. A ___ determines a person's guilt or innocence in a courtroom.
18. A ___ drug or weapon is one that will kill you. It is fatal.
19. A ___ is authorized to practice law. A defendant or a plaintiff hires a ___.