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1. The ___ told his client to plead guilty and hope that the judge would be merciful.
3. A TV game show called "___ or No ___" is almost as popular as an earlier game show called "Let's Make a ___."
6. The ___ of the hugely popular book and the movie is "Gone With the Wind."
7. The company owner was charged with ___ for claiming that the $50 bottle of herbal pills would prevent lung cancer.
8. Many drivers and pedestrians ___ disobey traffic laws. ("Stop" means "Slow Down" and "Don't Walk" means "Walk.")
10. The deputy handcuffed the convicted felon and escorted him directly to ___.
11. The young man ___ed the pretty woman for months, hoping that she would eventually marry him. (She did!)
13. The district attorney said that the police didn't have enough evidence for him to ___ the suspect. "No jury would convict him," the DA said.
16. ___ ___, California is the home of the Queen Mary and is one of the busiest ports in the US.


2. The Cabinet, which includes the departments of Labor, Defense, and Agriculture, is part of the ___ branch.
4. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created ___..." is part of the Declaration of Indepence.
5. The business ___ between the two men was signed and dated by each man and by their attorneys.
9. Some people wear ___ bracelets to relieve their arthritis; some wear gold ones.
12. You should ___ and be ___ful to your elders. (Yes, that was redundant.)
14. Every few months in LA, thousands of new citizens ___ their allegiance to the US.
15. LAPD ___ William Bratton said he didn't want to become the police commissioner of London. (London can have him!)