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1. The thief would steal purses in the ___ alley while the women were rolling their ___ balls down the lanes.
3. A huge ___ of dirt was next to the big hole in the ground.
6. Credit card companies like you more when your payment is ___, because they can charge you a late payment fee.
8. The ___ of his car was just like the closet in his apartment--full of useless crap.
9. Many people are simply too lazy to ___ used plastic and paper goods, even though it's goof for the environment.
10. They say that what really ___s is WHO you know, not WHAT you know.
16. People who keep plugging away at achieving their goal will ___ succeed.
17. The laboratory did a ___ analysis of the material found at the scene of the crime.
18. Humans are full of water, chemicals, hormones, and tiny living ___.
19. A paper towel ___s spilled liquids easily and rapidly.
20. They say that you should ___ your hair immediately after you shower, or you might get a cold.
21. The nurse put a cold ___ onto his wrist to help reduce swelling.


1. He said that losing his leg was a ___, not a curse. It caused him to focus his life on helping others.
2. He hoped that his "New Improved Paper Clip" (Patent No. 2,345,678) would get an award for the ___ion of the Year.
3. "Oh, don't be such a ___," Bob told his wife when she said she didn't want their daughter to buy a bikini. "All girls her age are wearing bikinis."
4. "Don't ___ your time studying to become a US citizen," Bill said. "Obama is going to give amnesty to everyone."
5. The ___ backed up all over the bathroom floor. (What a mess.)
7. Because of the depressed economy, many families can't afford to travel. Instead of a ___, they take a "stay-cation," at home!
11. The couple's savings account was ___ for a new house and secondarily for emergencies.
12. It's a good idea to clean out your toaster from time to time to get rid of all the bread ___.
13. Some employees at the Department of Motor ___s (DMV) were suspended without pay until the new state budget was passed.
14. The ___ forgot to put the rubber caps back onto the valve stems after putting air into the tires.
15. OJ Simpson should have ___ed guilty and asked for mercy. Instead, he ___ed not guilty and got convicted on 12 counts.
17. The delivery man ___ed that he had left the package on her doorstep, but she didn't believe him.