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1. The ___ in my computer is fast enough to play most computer games.
3. The little girl ___ed when her brother took her doll from her.
5. The will did not even ___ the rich man's human relatives; every penny went to the humane society.
8. The new Aero has a 6.3 liter V8 ___ that produces 1,100 horsepower.
9. The ESL students ___d when the teacher tried to pronounce the name of the city in Mexico.
12. The little ___ for Microsoft Word is a white box with a blue outline and a big blue W inside the box.
13. The Geek Squad charged $30 to remove the old memory modules and ___ the new ones into the laptop.
15. There are none so ___ as those who will not see. --Popular expression.
16. John Adams ___d as he suspected that history would ignore his important role in helping to create the US.


2. She has a good ___ of the English language, although her pronunciation is a little weak.
4. After he gave the instructions to the students, he ___d, expecting a question or two.
6. More than 90 percent of the faculty at the Georgia Institute of ___nology (Georgia ___) have doctoral degrees.
7. "What's the matter?" the boy ___ asked his younger sister, who was looking for the doll he had just hidden in the garage.
10. Toilet paper is wrapped around a cheap cardboard ___ that you put on the roller in the bathroom.
11. Modern ___s and desktops feature dual core processors for maximum speed and performance.
14. "___s and Dolls" was a popular musical and then a movie starring Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando.