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1. Many bicycle riders carry a ___ on their bikes in case of a flat tire.
4. While bicycling on a desert road, he got a flat tire. That was a ___ problem, because he did not have patches or a pump.
5. She usually buys canned vegetables that ___ no added salt or sugar.
6. She had a flat ___, but fortunately she had a spare ___ in the trunk of her car.
7. A sharp ___ punctured the tire.
10. Turn the ___ down, please! Are you deaf?
11. After he had a___, the old man was unable to talk. His doctor said his recovery would take time.
14. The ink showing the date on the ___ had faded, so she could not get a refund.
15. On the weekend at Venice Beach, many ___s sell various goods, from sunglasses to T-shirts.


1. He filled out the ___ order for 1,000 pencils from the pencil company.
2. The ___ on the package warned users to keep the product away from children.
3. Three of the most well-known ___s in the world are Google, Mickey Mouse, and Coca-Cola.
8. Many ESL students get ___d about the difference between past tense and past participle.
9. ___phonic sound compared to monophonic sound is like binoculars compared to a telescope.
12. He ___ed the buyer by sticking decals on the dashboard of his used car; the decals covered holes in the dashboard.
13. John McCain, Republican presidential candidate, is a Naval Academy ___uate.