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1. ___s Anonymous is the world's most successful organization for overcoming addiction to booze.
5. The ___ booed loudly when told that the movie would begin 20 minutes late.
7. The symbol of the Republican party is an ___. A donkey is the symbol for the Democratic party.
9. Manhattan ___, Staten ___, and Long ___ are near each other in New York.
10. Harry Houdini was a world-famous ___ and escape artist.
11. ___ surrounded the Manhattan Project; no one knew they were building the first atomic bomb.
12. The engineer driving the ___ was so busy texting his friends that he ignored the red stop light.
14. She removed her ___ without taking off her T-shirt; he was amazed.
16. Pat and Roy received many ___ from their friends and family when they celebrated their 60th anniversary.
17. The ___ive woman ___ed a lot of attention from the single men in the audience.
18. Sadly, many young girls are victims of ___ abuse by their fathers or stepfathers.
19. Loud TVs and radios are an ___ on a neighbor's sense of peace and quiet.


2. Countries must ___ with one another if they hope to fight global warming.
3. Everything is relative; nothing is ___ (even the sun will burn out).
4. She liked to ___ in a hot tub after a hard day at work.
6. Many people ___ after a day of work by heading to the nearest bar for a drink or two.
8. The moon appears much closer through a telescope than through a pair of ___.
11. All males 18 through 25 living in the US must register with ___ive Service.
13. Application forms often ask for your age and your ___ status.
15. Some people are never satisfied with the ___ quo; they want change, and they want it now.