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1. My favorite ___ comes from ___ Hut, but I also love Domino's ___, ___ ___, and Papa John's ___.
2. Many apparel firms are located in the garment ___ of Los Angeles.
5. She ___ed at the diamond rings, daydreaming about the day her boyfriend would propose to her.
6. The manufacturer invited people to his ___ to see samples of his merchandise.
7. An examination of the ___ indicated that the body had been chewed by animals.
8. Teacher to children on field trip: Now ___ together; don't get separated from your classmates.
10. Every day throughout the world, ___s carry victims to emergency rooms.
11. On November 13, 2008, safety officials will hold a California earth___ drill. (The Big One is coming!)
13. Smokeless tobacco products like Skoal might help those who are trying to quit their ___ or cigar habit.
14. The stock market ___ed--the Dow Jones lost 18% in one week.


1. If you want to stop listening to a tape or recording for a moment or two, press the ___ button.
3. General Motors Corporation makes Cadillacs, Buicks, and ___s.
4. The rescuers did not expect to find many survivors in the ___ of the train collision.
9. The locomotive ___ crashed into the passenger car of the other train.
12. Scientists think that there are many other planets similar to our planet ___.