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1. A ___ delivers the newspaper to homes and businessesses. (He's also called a "carrier.")
6. Businesses have customer service numbers for people to call with their questions or ___ts.
8. The Los Angeles ___ is the most popular newspaper in LA.
9. The customer service ___ said that he had never heard such a complaint before.
10. ___ Hitchcock is one of the most famous movie directors of all time.
11. The ___ of the 7-pound baby was fast and painless.
13. Everyone thinks they're ___, and yet everyone thinks they're different.
15. Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks English with an Austrian ___.
16. Manny Ramirez should be the Most ___ Player because he helped the Dodgers get to the baseball playoffs.
17. The ___ to success often starts with a good education.


2. If you ___ for saying something mean, the person will often forgive you.
3. ___ is an important factor in life; people appreciate things that are convenient to use or conveniently nearby.
4. ___ is a big country just east of Pakistan, second in population to only China.
5. I'll ask my ___ if I can go home an hour early from work today.
7. Mom: Are you hungry? Daughter (___ding her head): Yes, mommy, I am very hungry. Can I have a candy bar?
11. The mid-wife helped ___ the baby, a boy that weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces.
12. Don't worry, I'll ___ you by phone or e-mail if I cannot make the meeting.
14. No, I wasn't asleep--I was wide ___ when you called.
15. Car ___s are like warnings on cigarette packs--everyone ignores them.