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1. ___ looks like a tree, but it's actually a type of grass; its woody stems are used for floors, walls, and even flutes.
7. People who smoke only one or two ___s a day are probably not going to die of lung cancer.
8. Spare the ___, spoil the child. --Popular expression.
9. Men ___; ladies perspire.
11. They ___ed their possessions into the trunk of the car and escaped from the raging fire.
12. The cop put a pair of ___s onto the wrists of the suspect.
15. He ___ed his books into his back___ and then opened a fresh ___ of cigarettes.
16. A perfect game in bowling consists of 12 ___s and no spares.
17. The police officer knocked ___ on the door again; he was getting impatient.
18. The drunk slowly ___ed home after he couldn't find his car keys or his car.


2. In a fit of anger, people often say something ___ and then regret it.
3. Celebrities often pay ___s to accompany them and protect them.
4. She didn't want to go to the nightclub by herself; she asked her friend to ___ her.
5. The custodian ___d to handle ___ that wasn't sorted properly into the correct trash cans.
6. Many people in LA wish that the LAPD police ___ would go back to NY.
10. A mile is the ___ of 1.6 kilometers; an inch is ___ to 2.5 centimeters.
13. He grabbed his young son by the hands and swung him round and round until they both were ___.
14. The criminal was clever--he managed to ___ from 12 different jails.