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2. "Mmm! What's that I ___?" he asked hungrily as he entered the kitchen.
7. Big Bear Lake is a popular resort for fishermen to catch rainbow ___ year round.
8. The cashier put the items into a plastic bag and handed him his change and the ___.
10. The store will ___ your money or give you a store credit for any item you return (with the receipt).
14. The ___ apologized when she handed him seven dimes. "I'm out of quarters," she said.
16. Don't stick your ___ in other people's business.
18. Jews and Muslims avoid ___ chops, ham, and other meat from pigs.
19. "If it's ___ with you," he said to his girlfriend, "I'll rent a romantic DVD for us to watch tonight."


1. The ___ had been selling raw meat in his ___ shop for the past 40 years.
3. ___, drink, and be merry. --Popular expression.
4. English sailors became known as "___ys" because they ate fresh green ___s on their ocean voyages.
5. A homebuyer will hire a home ___or to ___ the home he hopes to purchase.
6. "___! What's that odor? Did something die?" he asked as he entered the kitchen. "It's dinner!" his wife yelled.
9. He squeezed a whole lime into the glass--rum, Coke, and lime ___ make a tasty Cuba Libre.
11. "I'm really getting tired of the daily ___," he said. "Eat, work, sleep, eat, work, sleep."
12. To make a burrito, put hot rice, ground beans, and chopped onions on a tortilla, ___ the tortilla tightly so nothing falls out, and enjoy!
13. "Can you talk a little faster?" she said. "It ___s me so much when you talk so slow."
15. Cadaver dogs use their sharp noses to ___ the presence of dead bodies.
17. With only a few days to go, the 2008 election for president is still up for ___s--it's too close to call.