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1. The candidate was not ___d, even though a poll showed that voters preferred his rival 2 to 1.
4. "I'm ___ing off sweets," the woman said. "They are making me fat. Starting tomorrow, no more sweets."
5. The hiker was ___ted to the hospital with a broken leg after she was found near a dry streambed.
7. He drove around the ___ several times trying to find a parking space.
9. Supply and ___.
12. When you click on Send, your ___ message goes instantly to its destination.
13. I hate to ___ you, but do you have change for a dollar?
14. ___ F. Kennedy was JFK's younger brother--both were assassinated.
16. The ___ is a popular Latin American dance.
17. Even in a crowd, people can feel ___ and depressed.


2. The fans did not ___ to the mayor when he stood up and waved the Dodger towel; they completely ignored him.
3. ___ Tate was a pregnant young American actress stabbed to death by followers of Charles Manson.
6. Any ___ people made in Mervyn's or Linens & Things was a bad ___, as both companies went bankrupt in 2008.
8. She opened the Word document and ___d the last paragraph; she would rewrite it later.
10. While he was fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq, his girlfriend found a new beau; she sent him a ___ ___ email.
11. ___ Sykes is a popular American comedian and actress, often seen on the TV show "Curb Your Enthusiasm."
15. A ___ and his money are soon parted. (Don't spend your money ___ishly.)