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1. His ___ was disappointed when she saw the small diamond in the engagement ring.
5. Because he had no savings, he hoped to get a four-year ___ to the university.
9. Even though he lost both legs in Iraq, the soldier was always laughing and joking--he had a fantastic ___.
11. He always waited until the night before a test to ___ for it.
13. The federal Pell ___ program provides need-based ___s to low-income college students.
14. ___ Fonda, daughter of actor Henry Fonda, was a beautiful actress and Vietnam War activist.
15. The professional photographer lost the 2-hour action ___ that he took of the wedding.
16. If you lend me your car, I will return it in two hours. And, I will ___ you a favor in return.
17. Just as students get ___s A-F, eggs get ___s AA, A, and B.


2. I will ___ your kind offer, but only if you let me treat you to lunch.
3. I do not ___ your watching me while I'm trying to work.
4. Because of good investments, we are ___ better off today than we were four years ago.
6. Thanks to his powerful lightsaber, ___ Skywalker is the hero of the "Star Wars" movies.
7. ___ me to buy a lotto ticket for tonight's big prize; if we win, we'll be rich!
8. In the movie "The ___," Dustin Hoffman plays a young college ___ who is seduced by an older woman.
10. She was a ___ wife, but without her demands he never would have succeeded.
12. No dogs ___ed in park without a leash. --Sign in park.