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2. He was angry at ___ for hurting his girlfriend's feelings.
6. They ___ for two years before he got the nerve to ask her to marry him.
7. When ___ knocks, open the door. (Google stock was knocking.)
9. "Dinner is served," the butler ___d.
13. In some cultures, dinner without aromatic ___ is like a sandwich without bread.
14. The price of simple items like milk and ___ rises annually.
15. He changed his mind about having a yard sale; instead, he announced a ___--everything was free.
16. "___, or Virtue Rewarded" was a popular novel (1740) about a young woman and an older man who tries to win her heart.
17. "Thank goodness the wind ___ed away from the homes," said the firefighter.


1. People worldwide were ___ed to hear the news about the Twin Towers on 9/11.
3. Paul ___ is the unfortunate man imprisoned by a crazy woman in the novel "Misery" by writer Stephen King.
4. There's no such thing as a ___ lunch. --Popular expression.
5. The fire approached the neighborhood so quickly that no one had time to pack their ___.
8. He tied a string around his finger as a ___er to take the dog for a walk when he got home.
10. She had a nice body, so she worked as a ___per in a ___ club to help pay her way through college.
11. ___ is a famous Roman poet who died 19 years after Christ was born.
12. If you have bad ___, everyone around you is chewing gum.